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I(CE)(S)CREAM Boléro Femme

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Jill Crovisier's I(CE)(S)CREAM is a rhythmic and personal journey of a woman alone in her territory; celebrating the power of women and their persistence in a not only uncertain world, but also a world in which they are still fighting for their rights.
The choreography also interrogates the current state of the female body's objectification.

The dancer will take you on a powerful ride on Ravel's masterpiece.


I(CE)(S)CREAM can also be presented in shared evening programs such as double or triple bills with works by Jill Crovisier or other choreographers.

+ Request for the full video recording:  click here

+ Teaser trailer - feminine version :

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A masculine version of I(CE)(S)CREAM is also available: BOLERO  

+ Teaser trailer BOLERO :

+ Full presentation: click here


The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Ministry for Culture, TROIS C-L Choreographic Center Luxembourg, FOCUNA FONDS CULTUREL NATIONAL LUXEMBOURG, Théâtre Golovine Avignon 

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LE LËTZEBUERGER LAND: "It's powerful, precise and almost perfect."

LA GLANEUSE: "The choreographer took ownership of the iconic classical piece to produce a rendition that is both aligned with Ravel's spirit and very contemporary."



Artikuss Sanem : June 10th 2023 at 8PM
Cube Marnach : June 17th 2023 at 8PM


Trifolion Echternach : April 28th 2023 at 8PM


The JC Movement Production company is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg. 

Born in 1987 in Luxembourg, the multidisciplinary artist Jill Crovisier graduated in ballet and contemporary dance from the Conservatory of Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) before continuing her studies in China, France, the United States, Indonesia and Israel.

She is also the recipient of a graduate dance teacher degree.

She has been working since 2007 as a professional dancer and since 2013 as a dancer, choreographer, videographer and sound designer. That same year, she founded her own company: JC Movement Production.

Award winning and internationally recognized since 2017, Jill is still active as a freelance performer and has also been involved in dance therapeutic projects and creations contributing to expand the potency of dance with and to a larger audience.

She frequently collaborates worldwide with different institutions, dance companies, Young Ballets and Universities.

 Currently available on tour: Zement the solo, SIEBEN, The Hidden Garden, BOLERO, I(CE)(S)CREAM Boléro Femme, Afternoon of a Faun, JINJEON, ONNANOKO, MAHALAGA Landscapes and SAHASA (young audience). The most recent work, THE GAME, premiers in 2024.


Short contemporary dance solo - All Audiences - Duration : 15 minutes
Minimum stage dimensions: 6mx6m

On tour : 2 people (1 dancer, 1 technician). If necessary, 2 other people(+ 1 choreographer et 1 producer)
Company based in Luxembourg 

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