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SAHASA is a nepalese word meaning courage, bravery and daring. 

Jill Crovisier's new work developed for a young audience combines contemporary dance, parkour, freestyle football, freerun and video; and encourages us to be creative.


On stage, three artists-athletes explore their abilities and talent while also confronting their fears and doubts. 

They find the courage to be creative in a hard and demanding world where differences are often hidden. 

As proven by science, children and adults who are able to explore their creativity are more likely to become tolerant and respectful human beings, with healthier lifestyles. SAHASA illustrates that very message. 

+ Full length video available upon request here:  click here 
+ Teaser:
+ Full presentation: click here
+ Company website:



Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg - Ministry for Culture; TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Les Rotondes (LU); Cape-Ettelbrück (LU); Opderschmelz-Dudelange (LU); Trifolion Echternach (LU)

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GRAND-COURONNE (76) - L'Avant Scène - Festival SPRING 

April 9th 2024 at 7:30 PM

SOTTEVILLE-LES-ROUEN (76) - Rouvray Hospital Centre - Festival SPRING

April 11th 2024 at 7:30 PM 






A former parkour and freerun champion from Luxembourg based in London, Lynn is one of her sport's leading female athletes. She is the only woman to ever join the prestigious London-based "Storm Freerun" team, and has won many solo and team competitions.



One of freestyle football's first practitioner and a leader of the sport, Sven has won many internatinal competitions and has participated in multiple publicity campains, for the likes of Redbull, Daniel Wellington or UNESCO. 



A professional dancer and multidisciplinary artist, Isaiah Wilson has collaborated with multiple contemporary dance companies like "ICK-Amsterdam" or JC Movement Production, which he joined in 2020 for JINJEON. 


The JC Movement Production company is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture in Luxembourg. 

Born in 1987 in Luxembourg, the multidisciplinary artist Jill Crovisier graduated in ballet and contemporary dance from the Conservatory of Esch-sur-Alzette (LU) before continuing her studies in China, France, the United States, Indonesia and Israel.

She is also the recipient of a graduate dance teacher degree.

She has been working since 2007 as a professional dancer and since 2013 as a dancer, choreographer, videographer and sound designer. That same year, she founded her own company: JC Movement Production.

Award winning and internationally recognized since 2017, Jill is still active as a freelance performer and has also been involved in dance therapeutic projects and creations contributing to expand the potency of dance with and to a larger audience.

She frequently collaborates worldwide with different institutions, dance companies, Young Ballets and Universities.

 Currently available on tour: Zement the solo, SIEBEN, The Hidden Garden, BOLERO, I(CE)(S)CREAM Boléro Femme, Afternoon of a Faun, JINJEON, ONNANOKO, MAHALAGA Landscapes and SAHASA (young audience). The most recent work, THE GAME, premiers in 2024.


The artistic team offers a wide range of outreach and educational activites around SAHASA, such as physical exercises to do before or after the show or Q&A sessions after the performance. 

Jill Crovisier and the team can also offer workshops. 


SAHASA can potentially be adapted for an outside performance if the technical requirements are met. 

+ Link to outside performance teaser:


Multisciplinary contemporary dance performance - Ages 7 and up - Duration: 50 min 
On tour : 3 dancers, 1 technician, 1 choreographer, 1 production manager 

Minimum stage dimensions: 10mx10mx8m

Potentially adaptable for outside performances if technical requirements are met 

Workshops with classes and the public available
Company based in Luxembourg


Conception and Choreography: Jill Crovisier

Cast: Lynn Jung, Isaiah Wilson, Sven Fielitz (or understudies) 

Music Composition: Damiano Picci 

Video and Costumes: Jill Crovisier

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