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Ca ira


« Ça ira » - « here we go » : Where ? When? How? Maybe towards this field of poppies…

With Friedrich Nietzsche’s theory of the eternal return as a starting point and Whitney Houston’s pop universe as a rest stop, “Ça ira” – “here we go” – interrogates the path presumed by this expression.

In a hybrid choreographic piece, three performers embark on a surrealist and dreamlike journey, mixing contemporary dance, singing and physical theater, with a touch of offbeat humor.


After “C’est pas grave” the Cie MF continues its reflection on the everyday mottos we throw around, which are both meaningless and filled with imagination.

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COPRODUCTIONS : DRAC Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, French Institute of Budapest, Teatro San Materno (Switzerland), RECIF Karukera Ballet

IN COLLABORATION WITH : Centre National de la Danse, Crushing Borders Exchange Program, Centre Chorégraphique National de Roubaix, Maison de la Danse in Lyon, Pôle en Scènes, Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape Yuval Pick, Studio Chatha

logos soutiens ca ira

GLISTATI GENERALI: “A choreography full of movement and fresh and intelligent irony, mixing philosophy and pop culture"

QUIBRESCIA: "An intense, intimate show in which dance touches the deepest chords of the human soul" 

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BARLETTA (Italy) - May 13th 2023 at 9 PM 

Festival Azioni in Danza - Church of Saint Antonio

MILAN (Italy) - June 3rd 2023 at 9 PM 

Festival Quasi Solo - Spazio Fattoria

AVIGNON OFF 2023 - Golovine Théâtre de la Danse
From July 7th to July 27th 2023 at 6:15 PM

No performances on Mondays July 10, 17 and 24

BUDAPEST (Hungary) - August 11th and 12th 2023 

Sziget Festival - Theater and Dance Field - Outdoor stage


Cie MF | Maxime et Francesco is a contemporary dance and physical theater company based in Lyon. Since its founding in 2014 by Maxime Freixas and Francesco Colaleo, it has received the support of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, the French Institute and the City of Lyon and surrounding suburbs. Cie MF has toured in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland, participating in various festivals and international events.


Cie MF is committed to the development of a singular language, hybrid and without barriers, that is communitarian, accessible and aiming to awaken everyone's sensitivity.

The goal is to allow the audience to live a personal sensory experience dealing with social themes.

The company is focused on finding an immediate way to bring the audience closer to the point of view and comprehension of a contemporary dance piece, inspired by all the daily actions that contain a bit of poetry. Maxime and Francesco explore body work in a physical, humorous and conscious fashion. They also focus on rhythm and dynamic spatial awareness. Their approach allows the audience to engage with the subject matter with simplicity, freshness and levity.


Contemporary dance - Length: 50 minutes - For all audiences ages 6 and up 

Set-up: 2x4h

Minimum stage dimensions: 8mx8m
On tour: 3 dancers and 1 technician

Compagny based in Lyon and Milan


Choreography : Francesco Colaleo and Maxime Freixas;  Performers : Francesco Colaleo, Maxime Freixas and Pieradolfo Ciulli ; Costumes : Gabrielle Marty ; Lighting Designer : Cristian Perria ; Music : Jérémie Esperet; Outside Eye : Stéphanie Brun-Viton 

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