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Fabio Crestale's new choreography


Following "De Homine", Fabio Crestale's dance piece focusing on harassment, comes this new work by the choreographer, addressing diversity and inclusivity. 
Onstage, 6 dancers wear masks representing the mythical unicorn, the legendary, untouchable animal, whose horn has the power to counteract all venom. This mask represents a refuge to protect oneself from the rules and suffering imposed by society. 
Dancing to communicate, transmit and oppose the current socio-political climate that fosters estrangement and violence. The work of choreographer Fabio Crestale is a meeting of multiple subjectivities : that of the choreographer, that of the dancers, and that of the audience members, who are pushed, sincerely if indirectly, to question their place within society. 


Full Presentation: cliqk here

Full recording available upon request here


10 november 2023 at 8:45 pm - Centre d'art et de Culture - Meudon (92) - FRANCE

25 november 2023 at 3:30 pm - Laboratoire choréographique de danse contemporaine - Padova Danza - Padoue - ITALIE 


26 november 2023 at 7pm- Teatro Ai Colli - Padoue - ITALIE​

DANCE Europe, François Fargue

 Il se dégage de ce spectacle l’énergie et la nostalgie de la jeunesse, mais aussi la rage et l’inquiétude. Une ode très actuelle à l’esprit révolutionnaire de la jeunesse

The piece delightfully exudes youthful energy and longing, though it is also traversed by rage and disquiet.

A modern-day ode to the revolutionary spirit of youth.


Since 2011, Fabio Crestale has choreographed over 25 pieces, performed in many festivals throughout Europe. 

The iFunamboli company was awarded the Danzascoli Prize in 2016, and the 1st Prize "Résidence Création Conseil Régional de Bourgogne et Franche-Comté & Synodales" in 2018. 


Also working in film, Fabio Crestale has collaborated on multiple feature films as a choreographer ("Let's Dance" "Tout Simplement Noir", "Jalouse") and as a dancer in Olivier Assayas' movie choreographed by Angelin Preljocaj. 

The iFunamboli Company has been able to create works with the support of : 
Coproducers :
Bourgogne and Franche-Comté Regional Council, Les Synodales Competition, the Royal Academy of Dance in Italy
Supports (residencies) :
National Centre for Dance in Pantin, Micadanses, Dansez Maintenant, Viagrande Studio in Italy 

+ Full presentation of the company

+ Teaser presenting the company :

+ Company Website:


Contemporary dance - Duration 1h - Ages 8 and up

On tour: 6 dancers, 1 technician, 1 choreographer 
Minimum Stage measurements: 12mx10mx6m
Can be performed outside
Company based in Paris
Conception et chorégraphie: Fabio Crestale 

Assistante : Maria Pia Di Mauro
Interprètes: Lisa Deckert, Alexandre Gastoud, Anais André, Adrien Lichnewsky, Maxime Alvarez et Coline Fayolle

Lumières : André Salles

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